Scot debonaire, sculptor extraordinaire, a man’s man with impeccable taste in music and whiskey, Alasdair Thomson  joins the Tuscany Study team as Assistant Sculpture Instructor.  I’ve known Ali since 2005, when we met in an abandoned freight elevator shaft somewhere in the bowels of the New York Academy of Art (no joke).  Legend has it that this is where he “caught the bug” of stone sculpture, and the rest is history.


Ali rolled up his sleeves for the next eight years and dug into stone carving as few other people I know.  He assisted artist Mark Mennin, sculpting immense granite installations and trying to avoid silicosis, then hopped the Atlantic to immerse himself in stone restoration work in his native Scotland.  Ali eventually found his way to the bel paese and enrolled in an intensive sculpture program, taught by Tuscan masters in the travertine quarries outside of Siena.  He cut his teeth in Italy, delving into all areas of stone artistry, including architecture, ornamentation and lettering.


He has since gone on to become a phenomenal sculptor, exploring contemporary themes and exhibiting his sculpture internationally.  In addition to teaching Tuscany Study courses in 2014, Ali will be artist-in-residence at the Vermont Carving Studio and Sculpture Center.  Check out more of Ali’s work on his website.



Ali 4a

Ali 3




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